According to new information, the upcoming iPad Pro will informs finally, a keyboard and a mouse to grow into a real PC, following the original idea of the Surface Pro from Microsoft.

Since the launch of the iPad Pro in 2017, Apple offers with their tablets keyboards adjustable hiding in a blanket of protection. This idea is not unlike the type cover of Microsoft used with the Surface Pro. This is one of the best ways to transform a tablet into a computer.

However, until now, the keyboard offered by Apple did not include a touch area for the mouse. Had the QWERTY keyboard, which seriously limited the usefulness of the accessory, because it means raising the arm to each interaction with the system to touch the touch screen. A shame for the brand when it is known that this action of raising the arm is the reason invoked by Apple to not incorporate touch screen on his Mac.

Add mouse support to iPadOS

After the site TheInformation, Apple would be working on a new keyboard for the iPad Pro, this time equipped with a touchpad.

iPad Pro

The keyboard of a Surface Pro

To get this keyboard, Apple should first add more intensive case management of the cursor in iPadOS. Today, it is necessary to go through the accessibility options to add this support, and it is not yet ideal. If the iPad Pro is not unveiled before, it is necessary to monitor the new features of the next version of iPadOS to know if Apple is planning to add support of mouse.

A new step towards the MacBook ARM

Of course, the addition of a mouse may seem like something very minor today, but it is the element that most distinguishes the iPad’s interface and its use of a classical computer.

With a keyboard and a mouse, the iPad Pro would be similar to a lot of a computer, and thus a Mac. It’s just as well, Apple would like to develop its first Mac equipped with an ARM processor in the next 18 months. This new version of the iPad Pro would be the ideal first step.