Dell launches the Inspiron 13 5000, a PC comparable to MacBook Air of Apple. Thin and light, it enjoys a technical sheet, more muscular, but costs twice cheaper.

Praised for the quality of its range of high-end PC XPS, Dell hits hard with two new models to its range of Inspiron. If the Inspiron 13 5000 this a good price-performance ratio, its declination 5391, sold at 20 dollars only, imposes itself as a direct competitor to the MacBook Air. If this model arouses our attention, it is because it costs two times cheaper than the laptop from Apple.

As well, the Inspiron 13 5391 is lighter than the MacBook Air, already recognized for its light weight. Its aluminum shell gives it a look that’s decidedly upscale, a real strong point for a model at this price.

Dell Inspiron
Credit: Dell

Little added luxury, it features a fingerprint reader. The whole of this Inspiron 13 5391 a little brother worthy of the reputation of the XPS 13.

Under the hood, the Inspiron 13 5391 contains a processor Intel Core i5, 8 Gb RAM and 256 Gb of storage, which is twice more than the machine Apple. It costs $ 550.

The standard model (Inspiron 13 5000), he must be content with a Intel Core i3, 4 Gb RAM and 128 Gb of storage. Its price: $ 530. The beefed-up version costs only 20 dollars more and, therefore, presents a real interest. As a bonus, Dell includes a 12-month subscription to McAfee LiveSafe, an antivirus that has proven its effectiveness.

If the Inspiron 13 5391 has more connectors than the MacBook Air, the latter stands out with its Thunderbolt ports 3. The computer of Apple is also equipped with a screen Retina, with a better definition.

Finally, note that the MacBook Air has a battery bigger. Autonomy is one of the main strengths of the machine lettuce. Not sure that Dell is able to compete on this field. But we wait the test more in depth for us to comment.

Anyway, Dell creates the surprise with this new PC to the excellent quality-price ratio. If the comparison with the MacBook Air sense from a technical point of view, we should not forget that the machines of Apple are distinguished by their operating system macOS.