The D750 camera  is a powerhouse performer. Image quality is fantastic.
The amount of detail and headroom in the RAW fi les is jawdropping and at the lowest ISO, the camera boasts of having the best dynamic range today.

Noise performance at 100% levels is slightly better than the D810… this actually makes it as good as the D3S/D4, and implies a good two-stop improvement over the D700. Autofocus is fast, and battery life, excellent.

D750 camera
In fact, the only place where this camera does not knock the competition fl at is video. While quality and features are excellent, the similarly priced Sony Alpha 7S has better video.
The D750 offers a far superior headroom in RAW… and it is a lot cheaper! At a price of Rs. 1,34,450, it is the best value-for-money pro-DSLR one can get.

I would go as far out to say that the tilting screen and AF improvements mean that you should go for the much-more expensive D810 only if you really need that extra resolution and buffer speed.
The D700 was a mythical camera that was so far ahead of its time, that apart from the lack of video, it has stayed competitive, all these years.

Neither of the new Nikons felt like an adequate replacement, but the D750 has now changed all that. The legend has moved on, and we have a new pronouncement. Waiting for it was well worth this legendary camera.