The Canon PowerShot G7 XCamera is a very good quality reduced based around a 20 Megapixel sensor and a 24-100mm f1.8-2.8 focal point.

Declared in September 2014, the Canon PowerShot G7 X openings generally between the G1 X Mark II and S120 as far as sensor size, conveying a stage up in quality over the last mentioned, yet with a body that is urgently littler than the previous. It’s a methodology that is functioned admirably for Sony’s RX100 arrangement, the pioneer right now.

Canon is one of the solely producers to have persistently supplied a devoted fanatic compact digicam in its lineup, and the arrival of the G7 X skill it now affords four: the S120, G16, G7 X and G1 X Mark II, every providing a distinct stability of size, rate and capability. The styling and dimension of the G7 X make it seem like an S-series, however the diploma of direct manipulate justifies its G-series moniker.


The Canon PowerShot G7 X is the very same size as the RX100 Mark III, and again shares what resembles a similar sensor. It additionally has 1080 video at 60p and worked in Wifi with NFC and cell phone remote control. In any case, as far as two key determinations, the Canon out-firearms the Sony.

PowerShot G7 X can produce astonishingly good image quality at higher ISO settings.
The G7 X Considering this is the company’s fi rst use of a 1-inch sensor,  G7 X has exemplary image quality.

It features a fast lens with a signifi cantly bigger zoom range, a large shutterspeed range that can be hugely useful, excellent ergonomics, and rugged build.

If you are a purist looking for exceptional image quality and handling fi nesse, the Canon G7 X offers great value.

the Canon PowerShot G7 X uses SD memory cards and has no specific requirements apart from needing readily available Class 6 or faster to support the best quality movie modes. In contrast, to support XAVC S movies on the RX100 III, you’ll need an SDXC card, which in most situations means one measuring 64GB or larger.