The Acer Liquid Z4 is a very small phone with plastics. It comes in two main finishes, one being white with silver trim and one being black with red highlights. Both looking pretty good,It is an all-round, curvy machine. Its front has bulgy sides with a cool look and the back is curved too. It’s no unique thing but it’s a good build.

It’s a compact handset with a 4in (800×400) display that’s not only a little dull, but low-res and relatively small by today’s standards.
The build is better than you might expect at this price, though, with a smooth, rounded back that feels nice to hold, and pleasant red detail around the camera lens on the black model (it’s also available in white).

A small button on the rear, dubbed AcerRAPID, aims to simplify one-handed use, and lets you access the camera, answer calls and launch predefi ned apps.
A 5Mp rear camera is paired with a flash, and our test shots were satisfactory for a budget phone. Inside, a 1.3GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage space are stingy, but acceptable given the price. If only it had a microSD slot… The Acer Liquid Z4 goes on sale in April.