LG ’s forthcoming G3 smartphone could be the first with a next-generation super-high-resolution display.
Spreading like wildfi re are rumours regarding the next smartphone to head LG’s range, which is thought to be the G3. Leaks suggest the yet-to-be-confi rmed smartphone could harbour next-generation technology that could have even Samsung against the ropes.

The standout feature is a reported 1440×2560-pixel screen that measures 5.5in. If this is true, it means the LG G3 will have an unparalleled 534ppi density. In comparison, Apple’s Retina-grade iPhone 5s has a pixel density of 326ppi, while Samsung’s brand-new Galaxy S5 touts 432ppi.
These numbers originated from members of the Korean media and have been cited by TechRadar. No smartphone to date features a 1440p display, and neither do the Sony Xperia Z2, HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S5 (read more about these fl agship devices from page 26). Equipping the G3 with a 1440p screen would put it in a league of its own.

The standout feature is a reported 1440×2560-pixel screen that measures 5.5in, with an unparalleled 534ppi density

G3 smartphone


Powerful camera, powerful processing

Backing up the supposed display are some impressive specifi cations. The G3 is expected to mirror the innards of the o cial G Pro 2 by including a quad-core 2.3GHz CPU and 3GB of RAM. Another specifi cation familiar to LG’s range is the 13Mp rear camera. A leaked image supposedly captured with the G3’s camera suggests that, although the resolution remains the same, it has been refi ned to deliver impressive detail.

Rushing the launch

Trusted ‘industry sources’ cited by a native Korean publication alleges LG will rush the release of its new fl agship as it looks to compete against fl agships from Samsung, Sony and HTC. The release date, however, remains a point of contention, as other reports cite sources who claim we’ll see the G3 in June.