We’ve seen bigger and better, now let’s see cheaper. The Ace is a plastic version of the M8 with similar specs

Photos of the HTC One M8 encased in a plastic shell have been spotted online, first at ifanr and ePrice, and then new front and rear shots were posted by evleaks. Could this be a cheaper, plastic version of the HTC One M8?

Release date HTC One M8 Ace

According to ePrice, the HTC One M8 Ace is on the verge of an official release. Following the spectacular PR job HTC did with the One M8, the HTC One mini 2 was confirmed via a press release, so this really wouldn’t surprise us. Indeed, according to the website, the HTC One M8 Ace could go on sale in June.


Price of the HTC One M8

Despite its £549 RRP, you can buy the HTC One M8 for around £520 SIM-free. We’re still waiting for HTC to confirm the official UK pricing of the HTC One mini 2, but we expect it to cost around £350 (you can still buy the original HTC One mini SIM-free for £313). The HTC One M8 Ace will fall somewhere in the middle of these two devices, with the high-end specs of the HTC One M8, but the 13Mp camera of the HTC One mini 2 and a plastic rather than 90 percent metal chassis.

So how much will the HTC One M8 Ace cost if it makes its way to the UK? Our guess: £400 to £450.

Hardware and performance

Both ePrice and ifanr are agreed that, just like the HTC One M8, the HTC One M8 Ace will feature a 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor — and, we suspect, Adreno 330 graphics and 2GB of RAM. We can therefore assume that performance will be the same, which is to say very good. The two sites are also agreed that the HTC One M8 Ace will feature the same 5in full-HD screen as its more expensive sibling. However, the HTC One M8 will cut down on costs first by losing the One M8’s 90 percent metal case, and secondly by swapping its Duo Camera with the 13Mp model with BSI sensor and f/2.2 lens found on the HTC One mini 2. Like the smaller HTC, the One M8 Ace should be capable of full-HD video recording.