Android tablet sales grew 127 percent in 2013 to take the top spot from Apple’s iPad, according to GartnerThe iPad has been king of tablets for a number of years, but Android has fi nally taken top spot, according to new figures.
Research firm Gartner states that a whopping 195.4 million tablets were shipped in 2013 – up from 116 million in 2012. More interesting is that most ofthese devices were running Android, not iOS.Things were pretty even in 2012, with iOS leading on 52.8 percent; Android saw 45.8. But 2013 witnessed a rapid increase in Android tablet sales,with Google’s platform scooping 61.9 percent of the market. Despite its fourth-quarter launches of the iPad Air and mini Retina, Apple dropped to 36 percent.
Apple shipped 70.4 million iPads, compared to a whopping 120.9 million Android tablets. Budget devices such as the Nexus 7 and Tesco Hudl have
fuelled the 127 percent growth, according to Gartner.
“In 2013, tablets became a mainstream phenomenon, with a vast choice of Android tablets being within the budget of mainstream consumers
while still offering adequate specifications,” said Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner.
But Apple remains the top vendor in the tablet space, even though its market share has dropped.
This is because Android devices are made by various companies that partner with Google.
Samsung is the top Android vendor, and has increased its market share 336 percent from 7.4 percent in 2012 to 19.1 percent last year.
Gartner also said that tablets represented 90 percent of overall ‘Ultramobile’ sales in 2013.
Interestingly, emerging markets recorded tablet sales growth of 145 percent in 2013, while mature markets grew just 31 percent.