The Moto G is provided with a HD screen of 4.5 inches, the more precise in its category, a long-lasting battery, a quad-core processor and Android MC 4.4 as operating , with update guarantee. Several hulls of different colors are available to customize your device.

Moto G

Key Features of the smartphone MOTO G

  • Snapdragon processor quad-core 1.2 GHz
  • HD Screen of 4.5 inches
  • 5 Mpx Camera-video
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 4G

HD Screen of 4.5 inch net and resistant

The HD screen of the phone Moto G gives you a very clear picture. And, as it is protected by a glass anti-scratch Gorilla® Corning® and a waterproof coating, you can use your phone as you want, without any concern.


Enjoy the speed of processor quad-core all day!

With its ultra-fast processor, the smartphone Moto G goes from one task to the other with ease, without any slowdown, and this, throughout the day.


You can enjoy the best of GOOGLEMC

Google, it’s … more than a million applications and games on Google PlayMC, the new application interface MapsMC Google, Google Apps (GmailMC, Google ChromeMC, Google CalendarMC … ) to help you accomplish your tasks.

google-apps-MOTOROLLA MotoG

So stay calm and pick up your MOTO G.