Immeasurable sadness is surely gripped you when you learned that the Mobile World Congress was over. Do not worry, we’re here to provide you a best-of collection of photos to remember this edition . Menu thereof, stands manufacturers, some unusual images without forgetting the charming hostesses.

Find the best pictures of the Mobile World Congress 2014

Being present on the scene, we had the opportunity to visit this unique lounge where specialized as well as visitors from around the world press were present. The 2014 edition took place in Barcelona in a place (very) imposing mingled technology, art, glamor, music and more. We tried to make you live the event inside during these four days. Here is a selection of our best photos of MWC 2014 .

Stands Manufacturers

Mobile World Congress could not take place without the presence of major manufacturers. All the larger firms were present, competing ingenuity to offer attractive stands. LG, Archos, Samsung, Sony ,asus, etc.. were at the rendezvous. Special mention to stand Mozilla Firefox.

Art and design

Such an event presents itself never without its share of objects and elements “off topic”. The elegance, design and art were everywhere at the Mobile World Congress 2014. It was possible, for example cross artists busy painting or even attend a concert.

The charm advantage of the event

We know you’ve been waiting this part of the best-of. We could not let you go on weekend without offering you a small selection of charming hostesses present at the Mobile World Congress. Do not thank us, it’s our pleasure. To consume without moderation.