I change my tv, should I opt for a 3d tv?

Today nobody escapes the promotion on the 3d tv : on TV, in magazines, on the radio, the majority of high-tech advertisements highlight of 3d tv . You can also hear and read the arguments of some critics that our senses are so many ideas: little or no content, an expensive investment, the compulsory use of active glasses …. etc. However 3d will gradually win, inevitably, because it brings a new dimension to the image, a bit like when TV went from black and white to color … So if you have decided to change TV, should you opt for a 3d tv?

The average lifespan of a TV is 5 to 6 years.

LCD or Plasma TV with a life of 5 to 6 years. A speed or technology evolves and content offerings, it is clear that in the next two or three years 3d tv will take a prominent place in television programs. Remember, there are five years, ADSL was not everywhere, mobiles had no touch screen …

3d tv are also excellent tv 2d innovative equipped with the most modern options

3d TVs are primarily excellent 2d TVs, more efficient today. To offer 3d builders have used the best of their knowledge: Full HD images, incredible contrast, increasingly realistic quality, frame interpolation to make the most realistic action scenes … etc.. Moreover, the 3D TVs are packed with practical and modern options: Internet connection, recording programs on a USB key, automatic adjustment of brightness according to room lighting etc …

The supply of 3D content is expanding day by day

There are still two months, we thought the first 3d tv channels would see the day for Christmas 2010. In May, Orange announced the release of a 3d chain for early June . Canal + and Numericable have max out very quickly. outputs Blu-Ray DVD 3d prepare and will multiply from summer 2010. Sony even patented a process for converting the old 2d 3d movies blu ray quality.

The 2D/3D conversion can enjoy today’s potential TV relief

Most offer 3d tv 2d / 3d conversion. It is true that it is a quality a little lower compared to the actual 3D, but it still allows some programs to watch in relief. A grand prize of Formula 1, a boxing match or a cartoon in 3d pixar enjoyed give another dimension to the show.

The glasses are comfortable, and some compatible all brands.

Questioning that occurs most often before buying a 3D TV is whether to watch a program with active 3D glasses will be comfortable, pleasant or annoying. On all the tests since April, it seems that wearing glasses is not unpleasant. Of course we would rather not have to wear them, yet they are lightweight and comfortable. In addition, any brand of compatible 3D glasses will be sold this summer.
Of 3d tv from 450 €!

Finally a 3D TV is barely more expensive than a new HD tv. Certainly, some models (including Samsung) you need to add the price of glasses (one hundred euros). Have less than € 2,000 for a 3D TV 130 cm and glasses for the whole family!

3d arrives on digital cameras and camcorders

The first 3d APN appear, you will soon also be able to produce images and movies in 3D. To enjoy the show, you’ll need a compatible display beautiful …

All game consoles will soon be compatible

The PS3 is already compatible with 3d tv by simply updating the nintendo 3ds comes out this fall and the wii follow suit.

Then left to buy a TV … Go to 3d tv!

We are not saying here that it is imperative to change its new Full HD tv, bought it a year ago for a 3d tv. But for those who are planning to buy a TV soon, it would be a shame to deprive 3d.