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Honeycode, a free tool to create an application without coding


Google will pay media to use their content 

During the pandemic, many media saw their revenues drop significantly. Faced with this situation, Google, through its Google News Initiative program, had launched an emergency fund to help the local media. More than 5,300 media worldwide have benefited from this funding.

OnePlus 8

OnePlus 8: there is a taste of unfinished business 

Coronavirus or not, OnePlus sticks to its calendar and launches the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. The price increase attests to this, the manufacturer wants to rub against market references. A daring bet, but not impossible. Does OnePlus manage to make us forget Apple, Samsung and others? First elements of response with my test of the OnePlus 8.


Twitch finally responds to #TwitchBlackout 

For months, streamers from all over the world have protested Twitch for its lax attitude towards harassment and other (sometimes sexual) abuse committed on the platform. However, despite the large number of complaints, Twitch took a long time to take the situation seriously and to condemn these acts. Recently, the Amazon-owned platform has been chasing non-royalty-free content, but now seems to have regained a sense of priority.

Pixel 4

Good deal: the Pixel 4 is down -44% on Amazon 

The Google Pixel 4 is the latest in the range of smartphones from the American manufacturer. It is recognized today as the best photo phone by far. It is obviously equipped with the Android operating system, and it has some very relevant features. In this Wednesday, Amazon offers a price broken on the price: the Google Pixel 4 drops to € 427 instead of € 769, or 44% discount .