Nokia X & X+

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The X (W89) and X+ (W99) are two very similar budget smartphones from Nokia running Android. Yes, you read that right.
Their design looks very similar to Nokia’s Asha range: square, chunky, and with six colours available. At 10.4mm and 129g they feel a little brick-like, too.
The 4in (480×800) screens are basic, but getting an IPS panel is surprising at this price. Inside the X and X+ is a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chip, plus 512MB (X) or 768MB (X+) of RAM.
It sounds stingy, but o ered smooth performance during our hands-on testing. Both models have just 4GB of internal storage, but a microSDHC slot lets you add an extra 32GB.
The Android OS has been heavily customised, looking very similar to Windows Phone, and it doesn’t o er access to Google Play.