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Sony’s Xperia Z2 Tablet

Sony’s £399 Xperia Z2 Tablet is a slim, light, durable and powerful 10in tablet that’s good-looking, too. Successor to the Xperia Tablet Z, the Z2 is incredibly (almost unbelievably) light, at 426g. It’s exceptionally thin, too, at just 6.4mm. It feels amazing to hold, despite the large, 10.1in display. We can imagine spending hours using […]

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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Lenovo has given its 10in Yoga Tablet a Full HD display and a better processor, as well as a design tweak and camera upgrade. The design is very similar to the original Tablet 10, with the same sleek chassis and cylindrical protrusion at the base that not only makes it easier to hold the 615g […]

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Google Nexus 8 tablet

The Nexus 7 is getting a larger, higher-resolution screen, and is expected to go on sale in July We’ve already got two versions of the Nexus 7 tablet from Google, but the Nexus 8 with a larger screen and 64-bit processor could be set to arrive this summer. The rumour mill is gaining speed with […]


Coming soon: Google Nexus 8

With Google’s I/O conference scheduled for late June, could we see a new Nexus tablet and new Android? The Nexus 8 is set to be Google’s next new Android tablet. It will follow on from the Nexus7, which is still one of the best tablets around,and could be here within the next few months. Release date […]


Dell Venue 8

Can the revamped Venue 8 show that Dell has learnt from its previous tablet mistakes? You’d be hard pressed to find any noticeable aesthetic differences between the new Dell Venue 8 and its predecessor, but then again, it would be diffi cult to differentiate this from nearly any other tablet on the market. The bleak […]


HTC nexus 9

Has HTC’s first Google tablet since the Nexus one got what it takes to revolutionise large Android tablets? The HTC nexus 9 is Google’s latest attempt to set a standard for what an Android tablet should be. A surprise to many, it has been manufactured for them by HTC rather than Asus (which produced the […]


Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s latest phablet is an evolution, not a revolution like the earlier Note models Samsung carved out its very own niche in the market when it fi rst launched the Galaxy Note series back in late 2011. Although numerous competitors have been released since, the Note still stands as the premier phone-cumtablet hybrid, with the […]