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Google has unveiled its Android Wear & Moto 360

Google has unveiled its Android Wear smartwatch OS, with a range of devices set to launch this summer Google has announced its new Android Wear smartwatch operating system. The company has already teamed up with several consumer electronics manufacturers, including Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung, chip makers Broadcom, Imagination, Intel, Mediatek and Qualcomm, and […]


Xbox One backwards compatibility hoax fools gamers

MICROSOFT HASWARNED gamers against following instructions purporting to enable backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, after a hoaxer took a leaked guide on turning the console into a development box and altered it to cause the machine to reboot constantly. Prior to launch, Microsoft promised that it would add the ability to create content on […]


The PC market is dominated by Tablets

Apple and Samsung lead the charge, with Android now accounting for 32 percent of the entire PC market. Research firm Canalys predicts that tablets will account for 50 percent of the PC market in 2014. It believes tablets will almost out ship all other PC form-factors combined, including desktops and laptops. The firm said shipments […]


A new software launched for apple watch

What we can expect from WatchKit? We were all excited about Apple’s longawaited wearable, the simply-titled Watch, when it first broke cover in September. We weren’t even given a precise release date, still only knowing that it will become available to buy at some point early next year. What we do know, though, is that […]



Yahoo will supplant Google’s search engine on Firefox’s Web browser in the U.S., signaling Yahoo’s resolve to regain some of the ground that it has lost in the most lucrative part of the Internet’s ad market. The five-year alliance announced Wednesday will end a decade-old partnership in the U.S. between Google Inc. and the Mozilla […]

Android overrun with malware

Is Android overrun with malware?

Given its popularity, it’s no surprise Android was the top target for malware makers in 2013 2013 was a year marked by malware targeting mobile devices and Android was the top target, according to latest fi ndings by Fortinet. Threat landscape research by FortiGuard Labs found Android was the top choice for malware developers, with […]

Dual-SIM HTC One
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Dual-SIM HTC One coming soon

Our one major gripe with the HTC One smartphone was its lack of expandable storage. Unless you bought the top-end model, you could quickly run out of space. HTC has clearly been listening to its critics, as it has revealed it will be launching an updated handset in the UK that will have a microSD […]


Valve releases SteamOS

SteamOS the new linux-based OS for gaming VALVE HAS OFFICIALLY released SteamOS,the Linux-based operating system designed specifically for gaming, following the start of its Steam Machine hardware beta programme. It’s the next step for Valve as it moves into the living room, making PC hardware that could eventually challenge traditional games consoles for a spot […]


Watch TV Anywhere now on Android

VIRGIN MEDIA HAS launched an Android version of its TV Anywhere app, letting tablet and smartphone owners access a selection of TV channels when away from their TVs. Until now, mobile viewing was limited to PCs and iOS devices, but the new TV Anywhere app opens up 67 channels to Virgin Media customers with an […]


Yotaphone eInk smartphone launched

THE YOTAPHONE, THE first dual-screen Android smartphone to combine a traditional LCD screen with a second eInk display, has gone on sale in Europe, and will be coming to the UK soon. St Petersburg-based Yota, which was previously best known for making modems and routers, has developed the phone specifically to combat baΞery drain. According […]