Panasonic GM5 : the mighty mouse

Panasonic GM5 : the mighty mouse Back in October 2013, Panasonic introduced the GM1, the first of a new line of ultrasmall compact system cameras that still manage to include a Four Thirds sensor – the same as the well-respected GX7. These cameras are actually smaller than some of the compact cameras on the market, […]


Let’s dicover the Samsung NX1

Samsung’s NX1, has the highest pixel count of any APS-C mirrorless camera Samsung has produced some good compact system cameras, such as the NX30 and NX Mini, but they haven’t really grabbed the attention of the average enthusiast photographer. The NX1, however, has a feature set that few photographers can ignore. For a start, the […]


About sony alpha 7 ii

In-camera stabilisation, a modified grip, top-plate rejig and new AF algorithms   Sony caused a major stir in the photographic world when it introduced the 24MP Alpha 7 and 36MP Alpha 7R, the first compact system cameras to have full-frame sensors. What’s more, these two cameras (subsequently joined by the 12MP Sony A7S) are incredibly […]