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Nikon D4S Pro Full Frame Camera of The Year

The Nikon D4s is a fantastically crafted marvel of balanced, insightful design, cutting edge technology and precise engineering. Nikon D4S For a high-end professional photographer, the performance of the Nikon D4s is the very best that Nikon has delivered yet. In terms of low light high ISO capabitites, it beats every other DSLR around. It […]

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The Sony Alpha A77M2 Semi-pro APS-C DSLR of the Year

The Sony Alpha A77M2 gives you fantastic speed, good image quality and class-leading video control that will leave you very satisfi ed. Sony Alpha A77M2 The Alpha A77M2 makes a point that is hard to ignore. It has excellent image quality up to ISO 3200, is built like a tank and its autofocus system is […]

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Pentax K-500 Consumer APS-C DSLR of the Year

The image quality is admirable for a budget DSLR such as this. Pentax K-500 The K-500 becomes the most highly rated entry-level DSLR this year because it is so perfect for the budding hobbyist as a great price. It is not a camera that comes with plenty of frills, especially in terms of video, but […]

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The G7 X Large Sensor Camera of The Year

G7 X can produce astonishingly good image quality at higher ISO settings. Canon PowerShot G7 X Considering this is the company’s fi rst use of a 1-inch sensor, the G7 X has exemplary image quality. It features a fast lens with a signifi cantly bigger zoom range, a large shutterspeed range that can be hugely […]

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Fujifi lm X-T1 Advanced Mirrorless Camera of the Year

It is the best image quality you would get with any cropped-sensor camera, and rivals some full frame DSLRs as well. Fujifi lm X-T1 The X-T1 is a fantastic mirrorless camera and at the pinnacle of mirrorless technology. It has superb low-light performance and an excellent electronic viewfi nder that can be easily said to […]

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the X-E2 Consumer Mirrorless Camera of the Year

If you want great image quality and the ability to travel light, then the X-E2 is a wonderful choice. Fujifi lm X-E2 This is a small, quiet, rangefi nder-styled camera. Its retro-look and handling belies some rather advanced features that make this camera a pleasure to use. It is also supported by some very fi […]

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The RX-10 Advanced Compact Camera of the Year

The RX-10 is the fi rst to feature a superzoom lens with a constant f/2.8 aperture on a 1-inch sensor. Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Simply put, the RX10’s image quality is superb. It uses the same sensor of the much-appreciated Sony RX100 II. The 24-200mm equivalent lens has surprisingly low distortion. The dynamic range allows excellent […]


The P600 Basic Compact Camera of the Year

The P600 is surprisingly lightweight, but reasonably sturdy. For its price the 60x zoom is a very good deal! Nikon COOLPIX P600 This camera is characterised by a huge 60x zoom range equivalent to 24mm–1440mm in 35mm parlance, optical vibration reduction with an ‘Active’ mode that increases the action of the VR for shake-free viewing […]


Best cameras in 2014

Samsung NX1 :£1,299 / $1,499 The Samsung NX1 is an excellent camera, and one that has successfully grabbed the attention of enthusiast photographers away from the big two of Canon and Nikon. From the moment its specs and price were revealed at Photokina in September, it was clear that this is the most significant camera […]